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Main Type of Our Wheat Flour Grinder Machine

Le 20 March 2015, 08:29 dans Humeurs 0

Today, let’s talk about the main types of wheat flour grinder machine. It can avoid being inter-related between each roller, and then improves the work stability of stripping roller. It presses corn ears into the surface of stripping roller, thus it increase friction to stripping roller and easy to extract corn husks. When corn husks are in contact with stripping roller, corn ears is raised up during peeling.

The WHEAT FLOUR GRINDER MACHINE is mainly used for refining high viscosity materials in oil paint, printing ink, color paint and plastic industries. It is especially suitable for processing materials with high viscosity and fineness. Wheat flour grinder has many advantages.
The wheat flour grinder is the newest equipment from our company.


The details about wheat flour grinder machine. The flour that came form the high speed mills comes out in the form of chunks or dust. Inevitably, no matter how you look at it, this is the first step toward the less desired “processed flour”. High speed and high friction temperature destroys the very goodness you are trying to achieve.

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Wheat Flour Grinding Machine Development Speed

Le 20 March 2015, 07:40 dans Humeurs 0

Wheat flourgrinding machine consists of wheat cleaning equipment, milling equipment and electrical control equipment. The cleaning equipment using the threshing, screening, stone, wheat dry wash, all the wind transport process, Pulverizing equipment used for roller mill, all wind powder brake crone, sieve classification of sheath-core separation.

As a major device in WHEAT FLOUR GRINDING MACHINE processing factories, Win Tone Machinery series duplex polarizer can be arranged with different wire drawings inaccordance with the characteristics of grinding change. WHEAT FLOUR GRINDING MACHINE has a grinding roller with high-precision rotation, the roll space with high-accuracy adjustment, and it is with high-exact feeding, and flexible ways of feeding. Our products have won a high reputation among our clients both at home and abroad.

Our professional wheat flour grinding machine technology will provide turn-key solution for your industrial application. We can supply the different designs with different cost to meet different buyer's request. We are looking forward to your cooperation.

The Difference Between Wheat Flour Grinder and Corn Flour Grinder

Le 17 March 2015, 07:11 dans Humeurs 0

Wheat flour grinders were in use for centuries and flour was principally a food for the wealthy. However, in the late 1800s, huge improvements in industry and the creation of the roller mill made it possible for nearly everyone to integrate flour into their diet without trouble.

WHEAT FLOUR GRINDER introduction: Modern technology takes a bit longer to prepare the flour because it is more thorough in cleaning the kernels, creating even texture and enriching. Wheat flour grinder, a new kind of high efficient machine for grinding wheat and corn, can meet the need of individual household, joint households, as well as cereal growing farmers. People use wheat flour grinder to replace traditional method.

Affected by global economic crisis, wheat milling machine industry also faces depression. Wheat flour grinder milling machine in China and abroad strikes the market, bringing big economic pressure to wheat flour grinder manufacturers.

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